Getting More Twitter Followers For Your Business

Twitter is gaining in popularity at an extremely rapid pace, and many analysts have predicted that it’s the social network to watch over the next few years. If you are used to other social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, you’ll realize that Twitter is a completely different animal-­especially when creating and maintaining an account for your business. Engaged followers are they key to your Twitter success, but gaining them isn’t always easy. Here is a look at several tips for increasing the follower base of your business’ Twitter account.

Tweet Often – Unlike Facebook, on which you will be often be blacklisted by your fan base if you post too often, Twitter users are expected to tweet several times per day. When you are first trying to establish your account, you should devote as much time as possible to tweeting. Studies have shown that the average follower will only read about 25 percent of your tweets, so you increase your odds of being noticed the more often you post (without going overboard).

Write Interesting Tweets – Content is key when it comes to Twitter. While tweeting often is important, you should only ever do so when you have something interesting to say. Your followers truly won’t care what you had for lunch today, but they will be interested to find out your business is offering a discount.

Find Ways to Connect With Your Ideal Audience – You know the type of people your company wants to target, and you know that those people are on Twitter, so you need to figure out a way to get those specific people to follow you. Often, you need to be the one who takes the first step. Find and follow some accounts that match your ideal client base, and you may find they follow you back on their own. You can also search for various keywords and/or hashtags that relate to your business and favorite, retweet, or respond to tweets that include these keywords. It’s always a good idea to scan the list of people who follow your followers when trying to grow your audience. Remember that you already share a common interest, so they might be the type of people you should target.

Have Conversations – Most people love to feel like they can have a conversation with the representative of their favorite companies via Twitter. If someone tweets at you, you should try to always respond. You can also do a simple search to see if anyone is tweeting about your brand (regardless of whether they mention your account) and then respond to those tweets as well. Having these conversations makes it clear that there is an actual person behind your company’s Twitter account, which will help you get more followers.

Schedule Your Tweets – Just because you aren’t going to be working 24/7 doesn’t mean that you can only tweet while you’re at the office. Twitter users tend to be most active on the social network in the evenings, but there are tools you can use to schedule tweets in advance and set them to post when they are most likely to be read. Free services like Hootsuite allow you to write out your tweets when they come to you and then set a time for them to actually post, so you can make it seem like you always have an online presence even when you’re not actually on the clock.

Tweet With Personality – While you may have a set of facts you need to get across with your tweets, you can deliver them in a way that people find entertaining. Businesses that include humor in their tweets almost always have the most followers. Remember that if your audience finds you boring, it’s extremely easy for them to tap the “Unfollow” button, so you need to make sure you never give them a reason to jump ship.

Promote Your Twitter Everywhere – Twitter handles have to be short, which is idea for promoting yourself. No matter what types of marketing materials you produce, make sure your @username is clearly visible on every one of them. If your brand interests someone, they might want to learn more about you, and Twitter can be the perfect way for you to connect. Make sure prospective customers know how to find you by promoting your Twitter account on business cards, mailings, store windows, email signatures, press releases, blog posts, and more.

As you see your follower base growing, you will likely start to notice an impact on your overall business almost immediately. The more that potential customers become engaged with reading and occasionally writing about your company, the better job you will do at staying at the forefront of their minds. Over time, this should translate to increased brand loyalty and more revenue.

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